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Frequently asked questions:

How big is the container?

All Containers are 7.5’ wide:  Exact dimensions vary, (due to Different manufacturers of the dumpster); below are the approx. height and length.
10 yd - 11’ long  X 4’ hi. holds 1 ton or 2000 lbs
15 yd – 22’ long X 3’ hi. holds 2.5 ton or 5000 lbs
20 yd – 22’ long X 4’ hi. holds 4 tons or 8000 lbs
30 yd – 22’ long X 5 ½ ‘ hi. holds 5.5 tons or 11,000 lbs

When do I pay for the dumpster?

Payment is due upon delivery. We accept all Major credit cards.

Can I put the container into my driveway?

You need space of 9’ wide by the length of the container.  Additionally; check for protruding obstacles such as a service meter, air conditioner and any low overhead wires (telephone, electric). Discuss these with your representative.

Can I put the container into the street?

Yes, as long as it is permitted by your town or village. Check with your local Police Department.  Keep in mind that you (the customer) are responsible for town (or village) permits associated with the dumpster. We have permits to operate in most towns, and villages throughout Nassau County, Queens and Kings Counties.
Note: NYC has additional restrictions and a DOT permit is necessary to put a container on the street.  There is no need for you to do any additional work.  We obtain the NYC DOT permit (or permits) for your location at a minimal additional charge.

How long can I use the dumpster?

Most dumpsters have a 5 – 7 day return.  We are committed to offering our customers the service they need and will work with you for an optimum time period.

What can’t I put into the Dumpster?

Liquids, chemicals and paint are not accepted.  You may not “wash out” your concrete into the container.   Roofing, concrete, asphalt, and soil have different rates, and should not be mixed.  Mixing these will increase the price.   

Do I have to be home when the dumpster is being delivered or picked up?

No, not if payment arrangements have already been made. We will deliver or remove the dumpster as directed by you. However, you must be sure that there is enough access to the dumpster by removing any cars or other obstacles that would prevent access. 
Note: If a return is necessary, due to the lack of access, you will be charged for the extra service.

I was told that the dumpster is to be loaded to water level, what does that mean?

In short; do not fill your dumpster over the top of its capacity (safe line). If you need to we can pick up a full one and return another in its place for additional debris.(at owners expense)

While cleaning out my garage I found old car tires.  Can I put them into the dumpster?

Yes, but you must notify us before doing so, and your old car tires will be processed legally in an environmentally safe way.

Can you deliver and pick up the dumpster the same day?

It is possible, depending on your job location and if township permits are required.  An appointment will be necessary, so call in advance. 

How long in advance should I call to get a dumpster? 

Most times we can deliver your dumpster the same day.  We recommend that you call as soon as you can to schedule your dumpster, thus avoiding any unnecessary delay.  

How do I know how much the dumpster weighs when I’m finished loading it?

Each load is taken to a NYS certified scale and weighed.  We obtain weight tickets for each and every load.  You can, if you like receive a copy of the ticket. Additionally, if you wish (notify your sales person) you can follow the truck and observe the weigh in. If the dumpster is overweight there ia an addtional $95.00 per ton. 

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